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VueMinder Calendar Lite

Organize your schedule and get reminders with a free calendar program
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27 August 2011

Editor's review

If you’ve got bored with the default calendar tool of your Windows and are searching for an effective yet easily operable calendar utility for your system, then VueMinder Calendar Lite is a must try application for you. It’s a calendar tool that also integrates a reminder function within it, thus making it easier to check dates along with the relevant appointments set for that day. The program supports multiple calendars, which also can be printed according to months, week, or days; and customized using gradient styles, font, and background colors. It also places a semitransparent calendar over your PC desktop, to help keep a check over the upcoming events. Further, you can configure reminders for different events to avoid forgetting anything important which can be made to display desktop alerts, or popups. In addition, it also features iCalendar support that allows subscribing and sharing data with calendars over local network or web.

The VueMinder Calendar Lite 5.4.0 one sports a pleasant interface and installs an attractive calendar placed over the desktop. The semitransparent calendar displays current month at the mid, following month over left, with upcoming events queued over right-side. The program’s main screen somewhat has a similar layout but includes several other modifiable features. The left panel comprises of a calendar list, tasks, and clock tabs, using which you can create and manage different customizable calendars, add new tasks, and set and check timings. The Event’s List is placed right over the current month display at mid, where you can create new, edit, view and manage all your events. Your events can contain descriptions, images, videos, web pages, or music.. You can easily add events and reminders to any dates, and check them using the preview panel at right. You can customize calendar style, font, color, and other aspects; share calendar; search, and print any day/week/month detail; and modify other configurations to make the program function accordingly.

VueMinder Calendar Lite 5.4.0 is an efficient calendar and reminder application that provides monthly calendar display and lets you record and view entire events/tasks, set reminders for them. For its commendable feature-range and remarkable functioning capability, the utility has been awarded with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Easily organize your schedule and get reminders with a free calendar program. Google Calendars can be synced to your computer and even accessed while offline. You can also subscribe to other online calendars, such as NFL game schedules. A transparent calendar seamlessly integrates into the Windows desktop, providing an instant view of upcoming events. Calendars can also be selectively layered or filtered in Day, Week, and Month views.
VueMinder Calendar Lite
VueMinder Calendar Lite
Version 8.4.1
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For a while now I`ve been looking for a calendar that would do the most basic task required of it - allow events to be entered and provide options for notification.
For example: Set a time before an appointment for notification; be able to use your own sounds for alarms and to set different sounds for each alarm; snooze any alarm. This software has far more features than those basic need in the freeware version, such as the ability to sort events by date, customisable categories, priorities or locations, it can interface with Google calendars, and if a single calendar isn`t enough space for your busy day you can have multiple calendars, each one for different categories.
I need alarms to let me know things are coming up when I`m busy gaming, and this does a great job. Reminders and alerts can be by pop-up or desktop alert or both, each can have different sounds. The pop-up isn`t good during full screen gaming, but the desktop alert is great, it doesn`t interrupt, but I hear the alarm. Fantastic.
To ass cream to the pie, it`s simple and intuitive to use, it`s quick and has a nice clean interface. It works and it works well. Highly recommended.
Cher Ridenhour
Excellent, useful tool to organize L-I-F-E! :)
A very attractive calendar that sits on your desktop at all times. It`s easy to navigate, and easy to edit by simply double-clicking a date. The opacity of the calendar can be modified with a simple slider, so that the calendar doesn`t get in the way of your wallpaper.
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